The Groups belonging to Agorà Network are all family businesses. Widely experienced retailers that have developed their own sales networks on a regional basis, where the historic headquarters of the company are the centre of gravity.
The three GATTIGLIA brothers have developed their business starting from Genoa, with the opening of Sogegross Cash&Carry shops. Then they joined the short channel with their own BasKo supermarket chain and, after the first success in Italy of discount stores, they implemented their own format branded Ekom. They have maintained the tradition of wholesalers by organizing the distribution in favour of Doro mini-marts, as well as Ekom discount stores. They expanded in the provinces of Liguria at first, then the neighbouring regions: southern Piedmont, Oltrepò Pavese, Emilia, Tuscany. The second generation of the family has been managing the company, that today turns 100, for a long time and has strengthened the company by significantly developing all sales channels.
Bruno TIRELLI moved to Valtellina to start his own business as a wholesaler of food products. His son Antonio changed the profile of the company, that focuses straight on the end customer, turning their Cash&Carry in a large retail facility. Focusing on the format of hypermarkets, often accompanied by shopping centres, he takes a clear leadership first in the market of Valtellina, then uses his excellent know-how to expand the business in the mountain area of Lombardy, with the acquisition of Sermark, and extending his network to the provinces of Lecco, Como, Bergamo, Monza Brianza and Varese. All of the company stores are branded Iperal.
The two POLI brothers from Trentino were farmers and already in 1938 they started selling fruit and vegetables. Curious and innovative, they were among the first in Italy, in 1957, to open self-service food stores, which later evolved into supermarkets. The collaboration of the many children who joined the company favoured the development of the business, in the short channel only. By following a strictly territorial strategy, since the early 90s an effective policy of acquisitions led Poli to supplant most of the operators in Trentino and South Tyrol who intended to leave the market. Having developed various retail formats, in order to intercept larger customer targets in the food as well as non-food sectors, Poli now operates with the family brand, Supermercati Poli, and the acquired brands Amort and Orvea, Italmarket in Cash&Carry and Regina in department stores.
The multifaceted entrepreneur Luigi ORRIGONI worked in the electronics and mechanics industry, but his real passion was still commerce. He had therefore decided to develop his historical wine wholesale business into a retail network, rooted mainly in the province of Varese. In the early years of the new millennium, he focussed exclusively on the commercial company, with the sale of the industrial properties and his children joined Tigros, that was becoming more complex and starting its growth phase. His untimely death did not allow him to see the best fruits of this great work, from the requalification and expansion of the sales network on larger and more efficient formats to the outstanding quality of the proposal. In addition to the historical presence in Varese, the network develops in the provinces of Novara, Verbano Cusio Ossola, Como, Vercelli, Pavia and Milan.