The Goods Department buys, stores and distributes to the sales networks of the member companies canned food, beverage, household cleaning, personal care, pet food, ice cream and frozen products. The objectives of the Department are set by the Board of Directors and implemented in policies by the Commercial Committee.

Agorà Network Commercial Director is a member of ESD Italia Commercial Committee. The following offices report to this figure::

  • Marketing office: develops analyses and produces information to support the various stages of strategic planning and marketing actions; it coordinates the promotional process and supports buyers in the evaluation phase of product mixes.
  • Purchasing office: the buyers of the sector are responsible for the purchase of goods, participate with ESD Italia in the drafting of Central agreements, define the further agreements, plan promotions and, in synergy with the category managers of the partners, define the assortments of the networks.
  • Procurement office: it defines and sends orders to suppliers, organises the platform spaces and the deliveries to the sales networks.
  • Commercial office: supports buyers, is responsible for the management of all product master data and updates the price lists and conditions of purchase negotiated by buyers.
  • Retailer Brand Development: enhances brands through the selection of products/suppliers, defines packaging, coordinates all quality control activities entrusted to certified laboratories, checks the product catalogue in collaboration with the buyers.