Agorà Network is a limited liability consortium. The four Partner Groups currently hold a 25% stake each. The Board of Directors consists of four members, representing each of the Partners, with appointment until removal. The Administrative body is in charge of ordinary and extraordinary administration.
The current Directors are Maurizio Gattiglia, Antonio Tirelli, Marcello Poli and Paolo Orrigoni. By agreement between the Partners, the Chairman is appointed in rotation, for a two-year period. The current Chairman is Maurizio Gattiglia.The corporate governance envisages the participation of the Partners leaders in the consortium activities. For this reason, the Chairman and the Board Members are extensively involved in the operations. In particular, the pro tempore Chairman is responsible for the coordination and constant supervision of the business activities undertaken by the two Departments established, one dealing with Goods, Logistics, Marketing and Services, the second in charge of Administration, Finance, Management Control and Information Systems. A central department in fact has not been established. Each Director is entrusted with specific tasks, including the tutoring of some of the Committees and Working groups, in which the staff of Agorà Network and the member companies participate. Maurizio Ferrari, Department Consultant, assists the Board and its Chairman in strategic decisions and operations.