Agorà Network selects and realises the products that compose the exclusive range, formed by the store brands featuring different brands that cover the following market segments (data updated to 01/07/2023).
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Primia products are created to offer our customers the best quality at a competitive price. They come from certified and carefully selected suppliers. The products are regularly checked in the laboratory and tested by consumers themselves. A wide and diversified range with 1.270 variants suited to any need and daily moment of consumption.

Percorsi di Gusto Primia products originate from the best ingredients and are processed with traditional methods, to offer a range of 176 specialties. The producers have been selected according to high standards of food safety and qualified according to strict criteria and constantly monitored to safeguard the culinary heritage.

The ViaVerde Bio Primia range stems from an ethical and natural choice and boasts 294 products that meet consumer needs while protecting the environment in which they live. The suppliers, certified and selected with strict criteria, are regularly inspected to verify compliance with the expected standards applicable directly on field.

62 products make up the Spesa leggera line, born with a single and clear objective: allowing a daily shopping at an extremely competitive price.

37 wines with different brands: each brand represents a region or a wine region. The types of wine which best represent each area produced by great-value suppliers.