The sales networks prepare their price lists in relation to the specific trade policies pursued by their brands/formats and with close attention to their competitors. The partners of Agorà Network intend to enhance their leadership in the territories in which they are rooted, by also offering the best conditions to their customers. No co-ordination and management activity of retail prices is the responsibility of Agorà Network.
Agorà Network manages the promotional policies in the stores of the member companies through three distinct promo plans, which meet the needs of the different distribution formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, affiliate shops.
The process of defining promotional plans is accurate and tends to ensure that the needs of convenience of customers are satisfied for all the essential product categories. The category managers of the sales networks coordinate with each other to better define, for each promo period, the dynamics and the best basket of products (based on role and market positioning). The buyers populate the basket of products with their proposals for the individual items that meet the expected criteria and suggest a target purchase price. The category managers evaluate the proposals based on the quality of the products in the basket and the economic sustainability of the promotion, determined by the delta between the purchase price and the possible sale price, considering the base-line and promo price positioning of the product in the specific markets. The buyers negotiate the final purchase price, knowing the forecast of sales volumes.
The promotional activities carried out by Agorà Network guarantee a significant return for the industrial companies involved, because of the coverage guaranteed and the commitment of the sales network to the common and contemporary implementation of actions. The fliers of the shops are widely distributed and represent a good investment both in terms of communication and trade marketing, for any brand.