MISSION Creating competitive advantages over time for the member companies, their staff, their customers.Promoting collaboration between people and the development of ideas, capitalising on the experience and culture of the participating companies.

MARKETING POLICYTailoring the choices of the network to customer satisfaction. Fostering the development of a strong image of the network outside. Integrating everything that brings an economy of scale, while preserving the identity of the partner companies.

HUMAN CAPITAL POLICY Promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge between companies in the spirit of true collaboration. Training and motivating the human capital for cooperation. Creating the best environment for the birth and development of ideas.

DEVELOPMENT POLICY Planning strategies of differentiation of member companies with respect to competitors. Implementing projects together in order to be always innovative, efficient and effective. Encouraging the growth of the member companies by creating additional value in the core business thanks to the acquisition of market shares and through the sharing of the economic, technical and financial data of the participants, structuring the comparison benchmarks, where possible.