TThe name of our company is certainly evocative. It combines ancient and modern, different but fundamental concepts to define its purpose and its activities. In ancient Greece, agora was the term that indicated the main square of the polis. It was a hub for economic and commercial activities, since there was the market, but also a religious and political centre: the place of democracy where citizens, all having the same rights and duties, met, discussed the problems of the city and decided jointly the laws. A place where interpersonal relations were nurtured, experiences and skills were shared and decisions were made. Network is a term used in English speaking countries and abroad to effectively identify an organised system, made up of several elements connected to each other through different ties, which makes common front
to pursue, in addition to its own interests, also collective aims. Agorà Network is all this: a market place, an ideal habitat for companies where they meet potential partners to establish the best business relationships; a place of culture, business culture, where people share their experiences and pool the knowledge developed in different contexts and sometimes with different approaches, with a constant view to improvement; a democratic place, where nobody dominates, but where everyone equally contributes to and participates in the definition of the rules and the management of activities; a place that adopts the organisational concepts of business networks, autonomous but complementary, with branches on the territory, but close to each other in the activities, connected with modern technologies and effective work-flow systems.