The General Management is responsible for the purchase, storage and distribution to the sales networks of member companies of products in the food, beverage, household cleaning, personal care, pet food, ice cream and frozen food sectors. The objectives of the Management are set by the Board of Directors and set out in policies within the Commercial Committee.
The General Manager of Agorà Network is a member of the Commercial Committee of ESD ITALIA. The departments refer to him are
  • Marketing: develops analyses and produces information to support the various planning phases of commercial strategies and actions; coordinates the promotional process and supports buyers in the assortment evaluation phase.
  • Purchasing: sector buyers are responsible for the purchase of goods, participate within ESD ITALIA in the drafting of the Central contracts, define further contracts, plan promotions and, in synergy with the category managers of the Members, define the assortments of networks.
  • Supply chain: this department deals with the definition and transmission of orders to suppliers, the organization of platform spaces and deliveries to the sales networks.
  • Commercial Secretariat: it supports the buyers, it takes care of all the management of product data, updating of price lists, purchase conditions negotiated by buyers and management of supplier contracts.
  • Private label Development: this department takes care of the development through the selection of products / suppliers, defines the packaging, coordinates all the quality control activities entrusted to certified laboratories, in collaboration with the buyers it follows the revision of the product catalog.
  • Administration: manages the active cycle and collections, with the support of an administrative outsourcer oversees the passive cycle, payments, personnel administration, budgets and tax returns.
  • Information systems: they deals with the supervision and help desk of the area.
  • Management Control: it implements the correct supervision of the generation and management of company KPIs.