For maximum effectiveness and sharing of commercial choices, working groups have been formed with the participation of headquarters staff and partner companies staff.

  • The Commercial Committee: takes care of guidance, coordination and commercial control. The Agorà Network General Manager leads this committee , which is made up of the Commercial Directors of the member companies. It reports directly to the Board of Directors and defines, on the basis of the strategic directions received, the guidelines for the category committees, which are in charge of the operational implementation of all the policies defined.
  • The Category Committees: are eleven working groups, divided by product category (Grocery, Cold, Perishable), made from a buyer or a headquarters coordinator and the Category Managers or buyers of the partners. They meet regularly, sharing information and evaluating market opportunities, managing the maintenance of the assortments and promotional activities, assessing the suppliers to establish partnerships, outside the scope of intervention of ESD Italia, by entering into the relative agreements.
  • The Logistics Committee: constituted by the representative of Agorà and each member administered, has as its objective the optimization of the distribution of grocery and cold products, formulates its proposals and assessments with particular reference to the planning of inbound and outbound needs, at the level of efficiency of the logistics center, at the level of service to the sales and supplier networks.